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IPC Media sought e-availability's services to develop software which would improve their HR activities by automating the booking process for staff development courses. e-availability developed the software to set up an intranet to enable all staff to have access to the courses available to them and made the process of securing a space simple.

This special course booking system used by IPC Media provides many benefits for all staff involved. It allows staff to view all training opportunities available and provides them with a straightforward, fast way to book. HR staff are able to monitor who has signed up for courses, which staff could benefit from development and most importantly streamlines the lengthy processes that organising previous staff training presented.

This system could be used for businesses or organisation wishing to improve their HR practices though the use of an intranet system. Currently, there is a growing trend towards employee development and the Government propose to introduce legislation in 2010 which provides employees with the right to request to train. By introducing a high end course booking system, your business will fit with the governments drive to allow employees to request to train and e-availability's software integration will ensure the process is simple for all.

"By providing us with an easy to use and well designed course booking system the team has supported our need for automating the IPC course booking process and has allowed us to store a clear record of attendance, as well as allowing us to fulfil the Learning & Development goal of the business 'owning' their own development."

Katie Golden Learning & Development Manager IPC Media

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