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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

This section will provide you with a few quick answers to questions that we are often asked. If you have any queries which are not answered below, then please don't hesitate to contact us by phone or email. We understand that one of the biggest worries of a potential customer is what will happen if something goes wrong with your system. We, at e-availability are committed to providing you with the best service and will endeavour to resolve any problems you may have.


Who is e-availability?

With years of industry specific experience and a proven track record of satisfied clients, we are a company you can trust to ensure all your online booking needs are met through our systems.

How does e-availability work?

Guests visit your website and explore your information pages. Depending on which module you use, functionality differs. In essence, e-availability allows your end users to view availability of your service/course and book simply online on your company website. You have control over what is displayed and can view, amend, add or cancel bookings.

Why do I need an e-availability booking system for my business?

The internet is now the main way your potential customers discover your business and learn about what you have to offer. While your website can be a fantastic way to express your business, you also need an effective way to convert website visitors into customers - this is where our systems come in!


What benefits will e-availability's system give to my business?

  • Show live availability and prices on your company website
  • Take secure online bookings
  • Save time on booking administration (Streamlines processes)
  • Get a customised product which meets your business's needs
  • Receive a personal service from e-availability's staff who are never more than a phone call away!

Are there any benefits for reffering e-availability to other clients?

Yes! We positively want you to spread the good word about our systems and the non-commission facilities we offer to enable you to make high cost savings. If you refer another customer to us then we will consider reducing your monthly licence fee.

Will e-availability grow with my business?

Yes. We can add new functionality or tailor custom made requests to add to your system to meet with your changing business needs.

Will e-availability bring any extra bookings?

Most definitely! As you may be aware, customers increasingly want to be able to book tickets online at their own convenience. The result of having e-availability will be that more of the visitors coming to your website will go ahead and make a booking rather than deciding to try somewhere else.

Can e-availability match my website design?

Yes, the e-availability products can be seamlessly integrated to match the feel and fit of your company website.

Can I watch a Demo before I purchase?

Of course, try before you buy by requesting a demo which displays how our product can work for you.


How much will e-availability's systems cost?

e-availability's prices differ depending upon the system requested. Generally, e-availability charges an initial integration and set up fee, a monthly fee and annual licence fee. Call us today to discuss your business requirements.

How quickly do you receive payment?

This depends on your Merchant Account status. If you have your own Internet Merchant Account then we integrate the payment module using the payment gateways. They usually transfer the payment into your account within 3 working days. If you have not got your own Internet Merchant Account then we integrate your payment module with the "WorldPay" system. The money from transactions is usually settled to customers every week, four weeks in arrears.

Can I take deposits online?

Yes. If you use the Payments Module. This allows customers to opt to pay at least your specified minimum deposit and if they wish anything extra up to the full amount required.

How do I get a Merchant Account?

You will need to apply to one of the Merchant Account providers. The best solution is to approach your own bank first and they will refer you to their own Merchant Account section. You will usually have to provide them with details of your business and the types of transaction you will be handling. It is important that you stress that you need an Internet Merchant Account to accept payments taken through the internet. All the major clearing banks provide Merchant account services so if you are not happy with the response from your own bank you could approach any of them. It may be worth shopping around, often if you are members of a purchasing group or Tourist Board you could be entitled to some really good special rates on transaction fees.


How do you prevent double bookings?

The e-availability system does not allow any new bookings for slots that are either booked or pending. If someone is online in the process of making a booking no-one else can book that same slot.

What happens if my computer crashes?

Like every other system, you need to get into a safe working routine to ensure you have back up information to use in case of emergency. One of the most likely problems is lightening damaging your modem - we always recommend you pull out your connection during any storm. We recommend that you get into a routine of printing out your arrivals/departures list every day and print out your availability chart at regular intervals. This will be sufficient to see you through most problems with your PC. If you run into problems we can always access your booking system for you and fax any important details to you. Remember, because the system is web based you will still get email/fax/SMS notifications of new bookings so you will always be up to date.

What Internet Connection is required?

The system can be accessed perfectly well using a 56k modem. However, to enable you to access the system quickly to deal with telephone and chance bookings, we recommend a broadband connection.

Will my computer be good enough to run the system?

You may need to be able to run Internet Explorer 7 or 8, Firefox or Safari. As long as you can browse the Internet satisfactorily, your computer will be more than adequate because all processing is carried out on our web servers and not on your PC.

I have a MAC, will I be able to use the systems?

Yes. The system runs fine on a MAC. We do recommend that Internet Explorer 7 or 8 is used for the Admin Panel.

How much computer skills do I need?

If you can find the "on" switch and browse the internet then thats all you need!

Will my website be good enought to incorporate the systems?

Probably! You need to have your own website and your own domain name - so pages on the likes of Smooth Hound would not work with e-availability.

Do I need to keep my computer switched on all the time?

No. You only need to connect when you need to use the system. Otherwise it automatically sends you notification of new bookings by email/fax/SMS.

How often do I need to connect to the Internet?

We recommend that you check your emails regularly throughout the day incase there is a delay in the fax or SMS service. You can set your email software to do this automatically for you.

How long does it take for a fax or SMS notification to come through?

Usually within a minute but if the networks are very busy there can sometimes be a delay of up to an hour.

What happens if I change my website domain name?

If you change your website you will need to get your webmaster to ensure that the integration code on the various pages is incorporated into the new site. If you change your domain name simply get the existing pages uploaded into your new web space.

Can I download all my data?

Yes! Your Administration panel gives you access to download all your data in an Excel spreadsheet. For advanced users this gives you the option to use the data for your own administrative routines. We recommend that all users download their data regularly to cater for unseen emergencies.


Is there a guarantee on my e-availability product?

e-availability's service level is operating at 99.5%. Furthermore, All our products come with a 30 day money back guarantee. These guarantees ensure that you can have peace of mind that any problems will be resolved easily.

What is refunded under the 30 day guarantee?

Your set up and monthly fees for the Standard System are refunded in full.

What Support does e-availability provide?

e-availability provides a free technical support service by telephone and email during normal business hours. There is no charge for support on problems caused by product defects. We also provide training by telephone and in person.

What is the Minimum Agreement Period?

Customers are subject to a minimum agreement period of 90 days.

Is the system secure?

Yes. Our servers are behind a fully maintained firewall and any financial information is kept in a fully secure environment. We do not hold your credit card details - these are maintained with the payment gateway companies.

Who do I contact?

Contact the e-availability team on +44 (0)1309 678149 or at to have a chat about how we can help you!