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"The team have been extremely helpful and have a quick turnaround to any requests we make. e-availability has now also created the option for people to donate to us, which as a charity, is very important to us."

Simon Phillips - Business Manager
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Payment Module

By adding the payment module, the e-availability system can make real time bookings. All bookings are confirmed as they are made. This saves valuable time and effort for you and your customers. Crucially, the money arrives into your account within a few days - we hold no deposit money and neither do any of the payment gateways.

A Payment Gateway is required to process credit card details. When a customer chooses and completes the online form, the system holds the booking as 'pending' whilst the payment is transacted. If successful the gateway sends information back to our system to confirm that the money has been debited. Our system then sends an email automatically to the administrator and the customer with confirmation of the booking.

We connect to the most secure and robust payment gateways - Protx (Sagepay), Paypoint, Netbanx and Worldpay.

(Please note the charges indicated below are paid to third parties, do not include vat and are not covered by our Fast Track or 60 day guarantee schemes)

    Got a Merchant Account?

    You will need to convert this to an Internet merchant account, the payment module integrates with your merchant account using the Protx gateway. How much will it cost? A set up charge of 195 to enables us to direct payments into your merchant account. A fixed monthly fee of 20 is paid direct to Protx to cover transaction processing charges. (These monthly charges are in addition to your usual merchant account fees.)

    No Merchant Account?

    We will integrate your online bookings with the WorldPay system, who act as the merchant on your behalf. We are affiliate partners with WorldPay and you can sign up for an online account NOW by visiting the WorldPay site. How much will it cost? This account costs 200 to set up and 30 a month, paid direct to WorldPay. We then require a one-off 150 fee for integrating the payments module into your e-availability system. WorldPay then charge you a small commission on all transactions.

    Control Panel

    The e-availability control panel provides you with access to all payment details to enable you to check customer payments or make customer refunds.

Internet Merchant Account

Despite internet-based transactions falling into the same category as mail-order/telephone-order sales (i.e. "cardholder not present"), you need an Internet Merchant Account rather than a "standard" merchant account in order to accept internet payments.

If you already have a merchant account from your bank, you can request to upgrade your account to an Internet Merchant Account to accept internet transactions.

Your bank will issue you with an internet merchant account number. Please let us know this number ASAP, as we need to enter it into our system before online payments can go live.